Friday, March 25, 2005

Have you ever woke up in the morning feeling just extra flabby? Like, somehow, a fat has invaded your body to such an extreme that there just isn't anything else to you but that?

That is how I feel this morning.

Yesterday I was doing so great eating wise and even went to a 1.5 hour tae kwon do class and I was pumped that I would actually have a really good day. Then evening hit. I had grocery shopping. No big deal actually, just stuck to my menu mailer and the other extra bits that I had on my list. The problem came when I had to listen to the three hungry very whiny kids with me. Getting home I didn't have anything quick that I could make (for them). Everything in my house is pretty much cook it then you can eat it stuff, so I ordered pizza. And chicken wings. And pop. While the plan was not to have any of it (oh who am I kidding, I ordered the freaking chicken wings for myself) I did. I had some of everything. And lots of it. Blech. I'm certainly feeling it today.

So here's hoping that Friday will be a better day. It's noon, I only got up a half hour ago and haven't yet eaten. My first meal will be cottage cheese and yogurt. I'm not even hungry yet, but I know that it will help me energy wise and perhaps I'll be a little less bitchy while I'm cleaning up the mess the kids made since they were up at, oh, 8 or so this morning.